Pou tutorial game new guide for beginners

Pou tutorial game new guide for Android and PC

How good play in pou? We present short tutorial

Effectively, yes. At the start of information: the Pou tutorial you are able to play on your own smartphone, tablet as well as computer. BUT beneath one condition: in this unit we possess a system ANDROID. Immediately say that this older computers and laptops, it is not. In general, it’s not at all everywhere.

pou game tutorial screen

When you last but not least have this video game, you have to know to play the item. Pou behaves such as a pet, which means that we need to feed him, place to sleep, participate in with him. And in some cases watering his flowers inside garden. To feed Pou we first should buy something to nibble on. To try this, go into the kitchen and choose “shop”. There, select the meals we buy and we feed.

Something else: washing. First thoroughly clean the Pou game water and soap, and when the sprite shower starts to increase and get the coin – rinse the foam bath. If our Pou is usually tired – must go to sleep. To do this – click the lamp in the sack. There is an additional way – you should buy Energizer. It may restore pet a new 100% energy.

Best available pou tutorial

The Pou we are able to go outside. To do this just click “Outside”.

Pou click "Outside"

For a passing fancy picture we also go to the microphone. If it really is as you view it (on) – we are able to say something, and Pou again!

If after several attempts this will not happen – either you’ve got turned off the microphone (which is usually gray and says “off”), or the sound inside game or about the phone.

As you possibly noticed – presents itself the game screen is how much our money, several icons and levels. So what accomplish these icons indicate?
No. 1 tattoo shows us no matter if Pou is hungry.
Icon No. 2 is a situation of the health of our pet. How to handle it if Pou is usually sick? Now most of us enter the lab, enter the store and choose potion “Healt Potion”.

More tricks in pou game

There exists a small and substantial. Serve – and “Mr. potato” is usually healthy!

Mr. potato pou tut screen 2

No. 3 tattoo indicates whether Pou desires fun. Even if it is green – we are able to play with the item without hindrance. Absolutely no. 4 icon indicates if your pet is fatigued, or fully rested.
In the meantime, I showed you two potions. Here are a few more.

But ok, i’ll that which My spouse and i shall now really do the last.

So we’ve covered all of the basic things. Nevertheless, food and medicines should somehow earn. Consequently, Pou we may play different online games, so that both the rip and collect some dough. Today I will discuss the excess. This game is the fact our Pou proceeds a skateboard and has to jump over gaps and stones. To jump, purely touch the tv screen. Double tap increase the jump. Note! Jump until just before the precipice, due to the fact, as before, that fall. If you even touch the end of skateboards stone – the overall game ends. In the meantime, you earn coins.

pou game trick 3

The pou game is at the start not to proceed, but as you’ll know the rules, it becomes trivially easy approach to get money to get started on driving hum have to press (hallux) about the screen more than once. Then the vehicle begins to go. From time for you to time, as it will slow – Press more than once. BUT STILL DEFINITELY NOT BECAUSE CAR CREATED flip POU prolapse ALONG WITH GAME! I was right now there sometimes had such luck that i did flip and drove away. And yet another thing: this game is on time, so the road collects not merely coins, but furthermore watches that prolong our game.

Summary  our Pou tutorials

This game is just about the coolest, in that you can play with Pou tutorial. It consists in the fact we move our equipment so the pet jumping upon platforms. Collect cash. Apart from these people, we can get the umbrellas (with these people more slowly declining) and springs (bounce all of us above). We may jump.

This game is the fact the fingers offer the left and right with the screen. If the platform is about the left – media the left. Jump just after the earth. AFTER STROKE to cloud – you get rid of. It’s another game on time. So you achieve coins and wristwatches.

Good luck players :)


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